Sunday, November 18, 2007

Masonic Revolution

It seems that we are in the midst of a Masonic revolution.
The first shots were fired a couple of years ago in Georgia and Alabama. Now it seems the revolution is picking up steam, with the recent events at Halcyon Lodge in Ohio and the appearance of Euclid Lodge in Michigan. Furthermore, a new statement has been posted on the website of Sirius Lodge offering support to these Lodges, and mentioning others that stand outside the "mainstream" of American Freemasonry.
Before "mainstream" Masons go off half-cocked, condemning these Brethren as "clandestine" or "irregular" perhaps we would do well to consider the underlying causes that are leading to these events. Rather than criticizing these Brethren for their actions, perhaps we should engage in some introspection. Every indication is that these Brethren have a deep love for our Craft. Why is it, then, that they have decided that it was necessary to step outside of the "mainstream" and "go it alone" in their quest for more Light in Masonry? Is there a problem with the current system? Have the "powers that be" become so interested in their own preservation that they quash all independent thought? Have we become so mired in the "we've always done it that way" mentality, that no new ideas are even tolerated? Have we strayed so far from our esoteric and philosophical roots that we have become another "Moose Lodge" type of organization? How can we arrest the decline of our great institution?
We need to ask ourselves all of these questions and more. Perhaps the Brethren of these Lodges have found some of the answers. If so, are we willing to listen?
Good luck Brethren!