Saturday, January 23, 2010

Masonically Inspired Studies-BOTA

“When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then cometh the lips to fill them with Wisdom.”-the Kybalion

In my previous post, I mentioned that Freemasonry has led me to study various esoteric topics. One avenue of study of which I would like to make particular mention involves several of those disciplines.

About two years ago, while reading about our Craft, I came across a mention of Brother Paul Foster Case, and the organization he founded, Builders of the Adytum. Surprised that I had never heard of this, I was instantly intrigued and began delving deeper. Soon I found that this Brother, who had formerly been involved in the Golden Dawn system, created his organization in order to teach some of the important doctrines of the western mystery tradition, particularly those related to qabbalah and tarot. Furthermore, I discovered that BOTA was still extant with an active presence on the internet, and offered their teachings via a correspondence course. At around the same time, I began to see quite a bit of positive discussion about BOTA on the various online Masonic fora that I frequent. I immediately signed up and began following the courses. While my study has been off and on due to a busy life, I have found their teachings to be extremely interesting and worthwhile.

The first course which they offer is entitled “Seven Steps of Practical Occultism” and helps the student lay a foundation for future esoteric studies. While the lessons seem to be somewhat simple, I can attest that the teachings they impart have real power, and if practiced diligently can lead to tangible results. This course leads into “Introduction to Tarot” where the student is given an overview of the Major Arcana of the tarot in preparation for further study in the next course “Fundamentals of Tarot”. In “Fundamentals” the student receives deeper instruction in the symbolism and actually begins working with the cards by coloring them. This is done in order to make the cards more personal as well as to impress one’s own unique vibrations upon them. I have only progressed partially through this course, so I do not know what comes next, but from what I understand, the further courses are quite extensive, and involve several years’ worth of material. If they are anything like what I have already experienced, I can only imagine the wealth of knowledge and practical experience that they will provide.

As I mentioned before, sometimes our Craft can lead us down strange paths that we may never have previously considered. Before I joined our Fraternity, I never would have thought to find myself immersed in such esoteric material, but Freemasonry has awakened in me a burning desire to seek after and study the mysteries. Along the way, my life has been greatly enriched and my mind opened to new horizons that may have otherwise been obscured from my view by the clouds of darkness. Rather than wane, my excitement and enthusiasm for our Craft, and the knowledge it points to has only increased. I hope that this continues for the rest of my Masonic life.
So mote it be!


Blogger Chrissy"The Architect"Castro said...

To bad the light you wish to increase will never truely be found! I am sure however that being a Mason and plunging waist deep will win your soul a place in the lake of fire! You know I wonder how does it feel to be in a Satanic group, is it everything you hoped it would be! Learn, Educate yourself about what kind of hell you have gotten yourself into! Jesus is the way, the light and he is the only way to your true father! I hope you realize before it's to late just what this group of pagan, satanic, Godless worshipers is really about, cause if you don't your soul is what you will loose! Life seems like a long time but contemplate eternity and where your stupid insignificant, blasphemous group might get you! God is light, Jesus is the ONLY TRUTH and I will pray for you and your "Brethren's" Souls!!

6:14 PM  
Blogger syrhimog said...

My goodness Chrissy! Maybe we should listen to what this person is saying before damning him to hell. Some of us are still searching for the Truth, and have not been able to find it in our local churches or religious sects. I'm pleased to see that you have discovered God's presence in your life and want to share it with others. Thank you for the dire warnings!
God Bless!

7:42 AM  

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