Saturday, January 01, 2011

Another New Year...

Here it is, another New Year and another chance to start afresh. In 2010, I was making a pretty good go of it for the first couple of months, but alas, a rash of circumstances caught up with me and curtailed my blogging momentum. Truth is, 2010 was not the greatest year for me, in the Masonic sense. Having returned from Afghanistan, I really wanted to increase my Masonic activity by visiting and possibly becoming active in the local Lodges. Unfortunately, despite my good intentions, I only managed to make one Lodge meeting here in Alaska and one in my home Lodge. I did, however, meet many fine Brethren so I was not utterly without the fellowship of the Craft.
As I begin this my 12th year as a Mason, I am resolving to start anew and truly immerse myself in the Craft. Like a foreign language, the lessons of our Fraternity can dim in our memories without proper practice and use. We need to constantly recharge our batteries through interactions with our Brethren, attendance at Lodge meetings, study and myriad other ways. I am resolving to do these things and more, with greater vigor and enthusiasm. Hopefully, a positive side effect of this will be more inspiration for blogging. At this point, I am not promising anything, but I certainly hope to be more active on the blogging scene this year. So mote it be!


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