Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Further thoughts on Georgia....

Some may accuse me of stirring the pot here, but I think it's time that the situation with Gate City Lodge in Georgia be brought up once again. In response to a letter from Bro. Chris Hodapp, Grand Master Ed Jennings of Georgia wrote that he would issue a statement on the matter in approximately 10 days. It has now been nearly a month and still no statement has come forth.
While I am willing to give the Grand Master the benefit of the doubt, it is starting to seem that the whole affair has been swept under the rug. The situation is a delicate one to be sure, and I certainly don't envy the task that the Grand Master has before him, however if he said that he would issue a statement in "about 10 days" then certainly he should assure that he keeps his word. With all the controversy this affair has engendered, it only adds fuel to the fire to not follow up as promised. Furthermore, with statements such as this one by the Grand Master of Kentucky, as well as recent progress that has been made in North Carolina, the ante has been significantly upped.
It is time for Grand Master Jennings to take a strong stand against the racist elements in his jurisdiction, and lay the Gate City Lodge affair to rest for good. While this may only start the process of healing the racial divide in Georgia Masonry, it will be a strong start indeed, and may well be looked upon as a significant turning point in Masonic race relations there. It may be a difficult road, but as Confucious said "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." So mote it be!


Blogger George said...

I agree! It's time to step up and speak out against this blatant racism displayed by the two brothers who brought charges against the WM of Gate City #2.

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