Tuesday, March 04, 2008

False impressions...

Reading back through my previous posts, I have realized that they may give someone the wrong impression about me. Many of these posts are critical of various aspects of our Craft, and because of this, some may be led to believe that I have a negative attitude towards our Fraternity. To set the record straight, nothing could be farther from the truth. Freemasonry stands second only to my religion as a guiding force in my life. I am mostly satisfied with my Masonic experience, and could not imagine where my life would be without it.
Despite this, however, I feel that our Fraternity could and should be so much more than it has become. We have let our Fraternity decay from the inside for far too long. It is time for Masons in this country to take action, drastic if need be, to restore our Craft to the grandeur it once held. In progressive jurisdictions, this can be achieved within the framework of the existing system. Sadly, in others, this may not be possible. This, in my opinion, is where organizations like the Grand Orient of the USA, Vulcan Lodge, and the Rite of the Rose Cross of Gold come in. If the Grand Lodges have become so entrenched in their change-fearing mentalities that they are no longer sensitive to the wants and needs of the Brethren, then perhaps these alternative organizations can be the catalyst for the drastic change needed. In fact, I feel that these offshoots are a positive development. If nothing else they show that there are Brethren out there who value the Craft, and are willing to fight the stagnation and decline, even if it means leaving the comfort of the established system.
When Brethren such as myself stand idly by and do nothing to arrest the decline of our Craft, then the battle is already lost. For this reason, I write this blog. I love our Fraternity and only desire for it to return to its rightful place in our society. If, by drawing attention to the issues and fostering an open debate, I can help to bring Light to even one Brother, then I feel like I have done my small part.
So mote it be!


Blogger Gilgamesh said...

I have read your posts and I am glad to see that my lodge, Vulcan Lodge, is making sense to younger masons. I myself am only 22 and have been a member of Vulcan Lodge for just over a year. We are, by many means, a progressive lodge. We, unlike blue lodges, discuss all things(i.e. politics, relgion, news, philosophy, etc...). This on top of the fact that we allow members of all creeds and colors, that which other lodges in my state may claim to do but most certainly do not. In addition we have made it a mission to establish close friendships with one another outside of the lodge. Every member retains an open mind and contributes to the lodge in his own way. All comments are treated equally. We are a small lodge, but that being said i can personally vouch for the quality of each one of my brethren, which cannot be said in most larger blue lodges. We, while trying to reestablish what makes a brotherhood, also commit ourselves to the great and rich tradition of Freemasonry.

Thanks once again, from me and from my lodge, for your outspoken support of our lodge and others like it. Thank you also for serving our country in Iraq. I wish you safe and speedy travel back home.

If you ever find yourself in the great state of Alabama, please do not hestitate to visit our Lodge.

George Sawaya
Vulcan Lodge

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